Need of Vitamin K in Human Body

Human body needs various types of vitamins, which are required by its blood cells. Therefore, it completes its requirements from the food that you eat everyday. Some of the examples of these vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B complex etc. Every type of vitamin has its own separate roles. But, one of the most important vitamins that is most essential for human body is vitamin k. Vitamin k was discovered by Henric dam in the year 1929 for the first time. He found a special type of compound that could prevent bleeding from human body. That special compound is present in the cholesterol.

It has been observed by the nutritional scientists that vitamin k is able to stop bleeding, so researches were done later on, by the scientists about this matter and it was found that this vitamin is responsible for clotting the blood properly in human body. It plays such an important role that without this vitamin; even a small cut in our body can be very dangerous because of the continuous and unstoppable flow of blood.  You must have noticed that, when any part of the body is accidentally scratched, after some time, bleeding automatically stops. This happens due to the clotting of blood. The major source of vitamin k is the green vegetables including broccoli, cabbage and spinach. These vegetables contain a high level of vitamin k. Green tea is also advisable to those people who don’t like green vegetables. People who don’t like the greens in any format have the option to eat the protein supplement foods like egg, milk, meat etc. The recommended daily requirement of vitamin k for human body is 0.08g for men and 0.06g for women.

There may be various reasons for vitamin k deficiencies in human body. But, the most common reason is being unable to consume enough of Vitamin K from regular diet. However, taking various antibiotics and anticoagulants, facing various diseases, illness may be the other reasons of this type of vitamin k deficiencies. To recover from the vitamin k deficiencies, one requires the extra supplementations. Shortage of vitamin k in human body causes various problems like weak bones that can get fractured more easily. In the worst cases, it can stop the clotting process of blood for which, bleeding can be unstoppable. The consequence is the fatal death of the person.

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